• Kirei


      First, I don’t understand why the forum of the site is called “earn money” but whatever!

      So, you have the same problem than me, you can’t get any code anymore..! Actually, I can’t even access the site “http://adumedia.eu” anymore ’cause they directly ask me to login, but what login? I don’t even have any account on that “adumedia” site ‘cause I actually had no idea where to make an account on that weird “adumedia” site before. Yes, just before, I could go on the site, but even after added a code in my “basket” or whatever it’s called, I couldn’t confirm my request ‘cause the ultimate link was not working, just like the other “whatever” link, so, why? Did I have to make an account on that adumedia site? If so, where? It had nothing to make an account on that site, so could someone give me an explanation? Did I missed something or are the site’s owners working on some issues / problems??

      Do someone have the same problems here? I already contact the site’s owner(s) five years ago, but I didn’t get any answer yet, which is okay of course, ‘cause five days isn’t long, but since I’m so confused and on the nerves not to know what’s going on, I felt the need to write here to know more ‘cause I can’t take it anymore (I need to know what’s going on lol; I never met such confusion on a site before), so don’t hesitate to help me knowing what’s going on here! It would be very appreciated! Thanks!

  • Kirei

    Hello again,

    Please, could you at last answer the last mail I send you a week ago (or more now). You say we can mail you if we have problems, but you don’t answer me anymore, what the heck??

    For the details of my actual problem, see the previous comment that I wrote here just above (I answered to someone, it’s the long post..)

    If you can’t help me or don’t see why I can’t create an account on the other site, could you at least, offer another way of payment please (like paypal as before, it was working for me), ’cause I can’t do anything, it’s sad and depressing! That said, I’m sure getting deceived by the customer service, if it is how you make your business, good, at least, I’ll have more money for something else, too bad! Good luck with your business anyway. Well, you could at least offer another way of payment like paypal, for people who can’t access the damn ultimate page(s) of the other site (can’t access the page to make an account, thus, can’t access any important pages), but well, if you can’t even afford it, too bad, I give up, it’s not even worthing I’m trying ’cause I can’t access these damn pages of this fucking adumedia site that is not fucking working, fucking shity site, I’m mad, but whatever, I’m done! Good bye! (or just “bye” maybe…)

  • Scottboy1992

    Is the site working? The comments I see here are all old. I wish there was a free section of photos/vids to get a better idea of what is actually on the site. Would love to see a cute boy shit or get shit on.